Practice and Preparation

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The Reset Button: Bouncing Back and Beginning Again
August 15, 2019

This weekend, countless young music students all across North America will walk into the practice room for the first time leading up to the new semester and ask themselves the age-old question: “How do I get back in shape in 24 hours?” 

(And let’s be honest — quite a few professionals will too). Click to read more…


There are so many moving parts to preparing that it can easily feel like there's just too much to do and too many pieces to practice and never enough time. It's so easy to get so hyper-focused on learning the excerpts that you neglect all other areas of your preparation... and of your life! … I discovered that my best auditions and performances were born out of a much more balanced and thoughtful type of preparation, giving equal care and attention to four specific areas of development: Technique, Music, Mind, and Wellness Click to read more.


I am excited to share a conversation I recently had with Charlie Rosmarin (percussion) and Hannah Ji (violin), two close friends of mine who were among the very first people to try out the Audition Playbook. Both Hannah and Charlie have won jobs in the past few weeks! Hannah won a contract with the St. Louis Symphony and Charlie is the newest percussion fellow at the New World Symphony. Read below to learn about their processes, experiences, and recent audition successes… Click to read more.