About the Audition Playbook

The Audition Playbook is both a guide and workbook for optimal planning and preparation of orchestral auditions.

This is in no way a “one-size-fits-all” type of system and it does not endeavor to plan out your audition for you. Think of the Audition Playbook simply as a tool with which you create your own plan, while receiving some possibly new ideas along the way. There are no rules or requirements to the Audition Playbook other than to have a plan, write down your plan, stick with it, and adjust accordingly! 

Whether you're already a regular on the audition trail, a first-timer, or an already-established professional looking to audition elsewhere, the Audition Playbook is for you. You may choose to follow the guidelines as much or little as you wish, while still utilizing the structure of the workbook to create and follow your plan. 

No frills. No subscriptions. No gimmicks. 

Read the FAQs for more information, read the Introduction chapter, and feel free to contact me for questions or feedback. 


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