Audition Playbook Summer Announcements

Waikiki Beach; March 2018; pic by Rachelle Jenkins

Waikiki Beach; March 2018; pic by Rachelle Jenkins

I am happy to report that since launching on May 15th, I've completely sold out of the first run of printings (and then some)! As with any new venture, there have been a few small hiccups along the way, but I am very happy with the feedback I am hearing from the first readers and I am looking forward to expanding from there. As such, there are a few announcements to make! 

Any future summer orders will not ship until late August/early September

Because the Audition Playbook project is (currently!) a one-woman venture, I am strained at times to keep up with orders while maintaining my performance schedule. Between now and the end of August, I am playing in Los Angeles, Montreal, Oregon, Edinburgh, and Dublin... needless to say, it's a bit challenging to fulfill orders and keep inventory with me while hopping around that much! As a result, any orders received between now and the end of summer will not ship until late August/early September. 

However... new printer... hooray! 

The second printing of the Audition Playbook will be printed by a different company. What does this mean? The material within the book will be the same, but some aesthetic and quality changes will be made, as per the feedback from some first purchasers. 

Supplementary copies of just Part Two: The Workbook will be available then as well

With the new printing, I will also begin accepting orders for supplementary copies of just Part Two: The Workbook both as single- or three-packs. 

Bundle packs for college studios will be available for special prices in the fall

This is another thing made more possible by a new printer. Keep an eye out for more information on this. If you are a studio teacher and would like to reach out about special requests, contact me here. 

iBooks edition available soon

eBook versions of the Audition Playbook will be made available this summer, starting first with iBooks.  

Editions for younger students are coming down the pipeline

I am now at work on an edition of the Audition Playbook for younger students, particularly those in high school and auditioning for colleges and All-State programs. I hope to have this done by the fall as well! 

Guest interviews and special posts

While orders will not ship for the next two months, I'll still be busy at work with this project. In addition to working on what's outlined above, I will be posting some guest interviews on this blog that I think will interest you all! Keep your eyes peeled. 

Always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, feedback, concerns, or delicious recipe ideas. 

Have a great summer!