Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The Audition Playbook is a workbook and guide designed to help you efficiently and effectively prepare for orchestral auditions. 

The book is divided into two major sections. Part One is your guide to creating your own personal Audition Playbook. Part Two is your customizable Audition Playbook, where you will personalize your plan and track your progress. Click here to view the Table of Contents

What is it NOT? 

A re-invention of the wheel!

It is not a plan. It is the framework for you to create your own plan.

While there are many ideas and suggestions thrown at you in Part One, it is important to emphasize that this is NOT a strict system to which you must adhere, nor does the Audition Playbook suggest you change fundamental aspects of your approach to practicing and auditioning. Instead, the Audition Playbook provides the structure and framework upon which you can create and manage your own plan.

If you regularly practice for four hours a day in hour-long blocks—and you know that is what works best for you—keep doing it! If you practice in 20-minute blocks for six hours, go for it! If you know that mock auditions start to become counterproductive around the two week mark, stop at two weeks! If you like daily mock auditions, go ahead! This is all up to you. The point is simply that with whatever you choose—throughout your preparation—be deliberately and carefully thinking about all of this. Evaluate and re-evaluate. Plan it out, write it down, and stick to your plan.

That being said, if you've never taken an audition before and have no idea how to create your own plan, you will have no problem doing so. Part One: The Guide provides plenty of resources and tips.

It's also not a course. And there's nothing you need to pay to subscribe to. No hidden fees, frills, or gimmicks. 

What exactly am I planning FOR in the Audition Playbook?

As much as possible. From your daily and weekly practice… to the techniques you need to improve upon… to mock auditions… to travel logistics… to what you will eat and wear on audition day… to what you'll do if a string breaks… and more...

The idea is to get organized and iron out your goals as soon as possible in order to create and follow the most efficient plan for the weeks leading up to your audition. 

The Audition Playbook helps with this in dividing preparation into four distinct phases. The amount of time you spend in each phase is up to you, and depends on how many weeks of preparation you have. Each phase has its own checklist of things to take care of and to start thinking about so that you can most efficiently manage your time and energy. 

OK, so it’s not an already established plan… but it kind of seems like a plan… do I have to do everything in the book?

No! But maybe for the first time, just to see which parts of the Playbook are most beneficial for you. Some may wish to follow the Playbook exactly, others may wish to pick and choose sections to include. It is up to you. The purpose of this book is not to make you follow the Playbook exclusively and entirely, but instead to encourage you to have a plan and to give you as many ideas as possible towards building that plan. 

If you do decide to utilize every section of the Playbook, you are still creating your own plan! 

How do I use it?

Again, however you choose. Decide which sections are most necessary for you. 

For those who choose to utilize every section of the Playbook and follow in the order that it is printed, you would start by determining the dates of each of the Four Phases of Preparation. From there, you will set both your audition-day and preparation goals. These will inform all of the decisions you make throughout your preparation. Then you will determine the baseline of your preparation—your starting point—by truthfully assessing both your technique and knowledge of the repertoire list. Following your Four Phases outline and checklists, as well as the goals and assessments you have created, you will plan your daily and weekly practice sessions accordingly. For all of your recording, mock auditions, logistics, travel, and everything else…. guess what… you’ll plan those out too! Try to account for anything and everything that can raise big question marks on audition day or in the days leading up. 

Do I have to buy a new full Audition Playbook for every audition I take?

No. Supplementary packs of just Part Two: The Workbook become available after your initial purchase of the Audition Playbook. 

I purchased the Audition Playbook as an eBook... how can I get a hard copy of the Workbook?

Visit to order supplementary single or bundle pack hard copies of Part Two: The Workbook. 

Who is this for? 

Anyone taking orchestral auditions -- and on any instrument! 

The Audition Playbook is designed so that musicians of any level will benefit from using the workbook. Whether you’re someone already in the audition circuit and advancing, someone already in a job and looking to begin auditioning again, someone struggling to make it out of the first round, or someone in school thinking about taking your first ever audition, the Audition Playbook can be a vital tool for your preparation.

Can I use this for college auditions / All-State / band / opera?

Absolutely. The basic fundamentals of having a strong audition plan are universal and the Audition Playbook can be utilized by musicians of many different backgrounds and many different goals.

However, Audition Playbook editions with additional guides and resources more specific to these areas are also coming soon! Keep an eye out! 

I am a college/conservatory professor... Can I purchase bundle packs for my studio?

Yes! Contact me here!

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